Note: The following text was taken from Grow! a german marijuana magazin.It was a cooperation between Grow! and Frontpage (the well known german technomag)
Sorry for my bad translation but i hope you get the plot.

Goa, autonomous province southwards from Bombay is well know for its parties and pleasant athmosphere. In the Sixties it was discovered as a party-location by the Hippies but today it is a partyplace for a new generation: the Techno- and Ravescene. They come from all over the world, from Isreal, New sealand, Chile, Switzerland, Kasachstan, Japan and from Germany to find at the save bay, on the yellow beach and in the blue-white waves the things they mis in their home.

In Goa all are like a familie. You are a member of this familie just because you are there. Its a multiculture. Openness and tolerance are the rules. Arrogance is an unknown word. If you are new in Goa (white skin) you will be integrated by the old-established people. In Goa is non-stop-party from october to march in changing locations aroud the villages Anjuna, Vagator and Chapora. At the summerly Aftermonth starting at april the partypeople move to north into the desert Rajatan and into the valley Manali to party up to the end of the rain-season in Goa.

Goa is also something special for the Indian: monks, fakirs and snakeconjurer try to find here silence and peace."Its such a peaceful place !" That feels everyone. Agression and violence are part of a world which is far away. Here the man devote to the Socegado, a lethargic feeling that develops during the long summermonsoon.

Goa was discovered by the Hippies in the Sixties. They came to India to find peace and harmony, things that you can find here on the streets.

The first Techno-partys came to Goa around 1988 but with no sucess. The people didnt know what to do with that kind of music. But one year later there came the Trance-vibes and the party-people were facinated by them. In the exotic enviroment music and man grow together. A new kind of Techno developed: Goa-Trance with its psychedelic sounds that fly through your brain.

There are no flyer in Goa. In the original state of the Raving Society a bush-drum works fine. So newcomer fear that they mis something. No wonder, the illegal parties are hard to find. But no fear ! Simply follow the stream of the Vespas. The week starts on Wednesday on the market in Anjuna. There you can buy batik-clothings, creams again moskitos, Dschillums and DJ-mix-tapes. Trance-Rhythms are flying through the air. At the evening everyone is viewing the diving sun. The night is coming on. Black-Light let everything white glow. The beats start to go harder. Everybody goes into the PrimRose in Vagator to power-up and to get the party-location of the evening. Often it tooks place in Vagator: at the Spaghetti-Beach or the el Aviv-Beach or in the Disco-Valley. Or you can visit the Paradizo, a Trancefortress in Anjuna.

The peak and the end is the sunrise. Everybody went to the sea to swim. The Party-people use the day to chill for the next night.

"Goa Party never stops"