This site contains computer generated or modified pictures created with different technics like raytracing, fractal mathematics, photography and image processing.

I became interested in fractals at the age of 12 after seeing them around 1988. Our first ones were created on a selfmade computer using text-"graphic" with a resolution of 40x40 pixelblocks in black an white. :-) At that time calculation nevertheless could last over the whole night. When computers became faster and faster it was much easier to calculate huge images in full colors and a relative short time. So today I sometimes surf through fractals as a meditative action and maybe find some nice spots.

1996 I started experimenting with raytracing on Amiga computers using Lightwave. My first image was a kaleidoscopic one with a lot of mirrors. So mirrors and their thousands of reflections were used very often by me - sometimes in a way where you can't recognize whats the real and what just it's reflection. After 2002 my productivity in this sector sank, because of my end of student life, new fulltime job and girlfriend. But I hope to do some more stuff somewhen in the future.

Beside calculating fractals and raytraced worlds I experiment with image processing (Fusion Sector) and also created some flyers for various events (Flyer Sector).
With my "Camedia C-765 Ultra Zoom" digital camera from Olympus I did a lot of shots starting in the year 2005. Especially in nature you can find a lot of hidden psychedelic motivs.

All this went hand in hand with my interest in psychedelic trance music and psychedelic substances. Both of them influenced my images a lot and quite often inspiration came while dancing on psytrance parties. Dancing under the stars and having a full blown synaesthetic experience can be more fruitful than all art lessons in school. See my other websites at www.psykick.de for more information on these topics.

About the future:
Most images were done in my twens (1996-2006). I will become 30 this year (2006) so it is also the time for building a family. Thats why I have no plan how productive I can be in the next years, and have no idea when the next bigger or smaller update will follow. But meanwhile I wish you much fun and inspiration with the pictures available at present.

All images were created and are copyright by Schizo
Please do not use any of the images from the "Realm Of Thoughts" website without my written permission. Thank you.