Welcome to my Psychedelic Photo Sector.

All pictures were photographed by myself. Some photos were taken under blacklight/UV-light. I used effects like taking pictures through different transparent materials, moving camera while taking the photo and so on.

You can also check out my psytranceparty-photosection on my psytrance-page "Goacidia" for more great blacklight- and partyphotos.

These images were done between year 2000 and 2006. All images above DUSK 1 were done using my digicam. A nice fast way to do some psychedelic photos from plants, animals and what ever.

If you want to use a picture from me in an uncommercial or commercial product (CD-Cover,Poster,Party-Deko..), then please . I am always happy when one of my pictures is used somewhere.

Have a nice Trip