Welcome to the Psychedelic Raytracing Sector.

All pictures (see left menu) are sorted by age (newest on the top - oldest at the bottom).
There are two versions of each picture - an image with the half resolution, which you will see, when you click on a thumbnail in the left menu and a higher resolution image (often 1024x768 pixels) which is linked on the image page appearing in this frame after clicking the medium sized image.

If you open images in an extra-window, then you can keep this window open, and all other images will be shown there.

The pictures ranging from "World In You 1" down to my first one "Pyramide" were generated on an AMIGA 2000 with 68060 and Picasso 2 or my Amiga 4000, AGA. Then I had to switch to my new computer (Athlon/1.4GHz, 512Mb RAM, 93Gb Harddisc, GeForce2), because the resources of my Amiga 4000 were not longer enough for large images.

These raytracing images were mainly done between 1996 and 2002. After that period I had not enough time to continue doing raytracing images. I hope to restart this hobby somewhen in the future.

If you want to use a picture from me in an uncommercial or commercial product (CD-Cover,Poster,Party-Deko..), then please . . I am always happy when one of my pictures is used somewhere.

Have a nice Trip