DJ Info zu Dr. Krelm:

DJ Name Dr. Krelm (aka The Evil Dr. Krelm, The Mellow Dr. Krelm, Agent Dark Booty)
Crew(s) Psytrancecamp, Texaliens, Eccentric Beats
Kontakt Krelmatrix
MySpace - Satansfluffer
email: krelmatrix at
phone: +49 176 2105 3725
Stil-Richtung(en) Psytrance, Breakbeat, Tribal/Prog-house, Downtempo
bürgerlicher Name David M Smith
geboren 1977
Wohnort Dallas, Texas, USA
DJ seit 1996
sonstige Tätigkeiten Party organization & promotion
DJ History Summer 1996 - bought the CD "Deck Wizards - Psychedelic Trance" mixed by DJ Mark Allen. This CD inspired me to learn the art of DJing. For 5 years (1996-2001), my focus was on psy/goa trance, with the occasional excursions into chillout and atmospheric d&b.

Summer 2001 - Over the course of the summer, I was introduced to a more progressive style of electronic music on 2 occasions - coincidentally by Mark Allen. The Massiv Festival in Dallas, Texas featuring a live set by Quirk and a DJ set by Mark initially opened my ears to this style. Then a wonderful open-air morning set by Mark at the Fusion Festival in the hills of California sealed the deal. From then on, I began to incorporate an increasingly progressive approach into my sets, while still maintaining a strong psychedelic edge.

In 2002, I started additionally began incorporating a breakbeat flavor into the mix, drawing from the progressive psycho-funk of artists like Elite Force, Meat Katie, General Midi, and many others. In summer 2003, I was invited to be a resident DJ for the US-based internet radio site Eccentric Beats and have run the bi-monthly show "Broken Symmetry" ever since.
Referenzen Radio / Internet
  • Resident DJ - Broken Symmetry /
  • KVRX 91.7 - 25.07.03 / Austin, Texas
Indoor Events
  • Butan Club - Sound of the Sun / Wuppertal (30.04.04)
  • Global Space Odyssey 2004 / Leipzig (08.05.04)
  • Euclidacia / Leipzig
  • Yard-Club - Black Belt Boogie #3 / Leipzig
  • Psy Fidelity / Leipzig
  • Distillery - Postcards from the US / Leipzig
  • Eisdorf Party
  • Polymorph 2 Jahr / Leipzig

Outdoor Events
  • Burning Flipside 2003 / Texas
  • Trancedaddy / Texas
  • Burning Flipside 2002 / Texas
Persönliche Worte Always have fun and enjoy the music!

Feel free to email me with requests for CDs.


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