DJ Info zu Ralle:

DJ Name Ralle
Crew(s) Agitato Records / / Chaishop
Styles Full On Psychedelictrance / Psytrance / Progressivetrance / Chill
DJ seit 1995
geboren 1977
Wohnort Berlin
Referenzen VOOV Experience 03/05 (Germany)
ZOOM Festival 04 (Switzerland)
Indian Spirit Festival 04/05 (Germany)
Wonderland Open Air 01/02/05 (Germany)
Elfentanz Festival 04/05 (Germany)
New Years Eve 03-04 (Denmark)
Moondancer 03/04 (Austria)
Lovefield Festival 03 (Germany)
Fusion Festival 01/02 (Germany)
and more previous events in Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland...
Info 1995 Ralle started with Hip-Hop and Synthesizer Music. From 1997 to 2004 Ralle was working as a decorator, promoter and booking agent at Sehnsedahastes. At that time he started to produce music. In 2004, he started with the music project Protonica.

Protonica are DJ Piet and DJ Ralle from Berlin. Piet and Ralle met at the radio transmission „Waschmaschine“ in 2003. Ralle was moderating there and was managing the booking.

For 2005 he works as a label DJ and promoter at Agitato Records.
DJ-Teams Sam@Chaishop & Ralle - Psytrance / Progressivetrance
Piet & Ralle - Progressivetrance
Merry:) & Ralle - Full On Psytrance
Downloads Full On Twister Mix:

Skysurfer Mix:

Groovedance Mix:

Releases Compilation: Goa Beach 3 (Yellow Sunshine Explosion)
- Track "Orion Sleepers"

Upcoming Releases: EP "Orion Sleepers" (AP Records)

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Skype: ralle-agitatorec