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Salvia divinorum - Triplevelscale

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Hints and safer-use:

Especially on your first journeys or on jouneys with a much higher dose (new extract) you can be very surprised how salvia acts. Thats why its a good idea to have a sitter present in such situations (a good friend). Its best when no other persoen except the sitter is present. The sitter is mainly for your safety. He prevents fire or waterdamage (accidently hitting the bong). He makes sure you dont wander around in the altered state. In very rare cases he have to ground the tripper. But normaly the sitter should be quiet and dont disturb the traveller.

I find salvia to be extremly strange, weird. The realness of the experince is the hardest part to work through afterwards. Its the most interesting drug i know. It is not as aesthetic or emotional as tryptamines, but therefore it shows you the strangest possible universes. Sometimes you think you are the only one who recognizes, that the world is not real, but more an informational matrix, controlled by things/beings/forces, we dont understand. By the way the film "Matrix" touches some of the salvia effects - the idea, that reality is a kind of calculated informational matrix.

Most scientists explore the universe, but thats a bit like exploring a tv-film, but not the mechanism behind. With salvia you have the feeling, that you can leave the reality and watch/feel the base-mechanism of reality.

This can be frightening, because you may get the feeling, that everything you have done to date is wasted, because you did it in a virtual (?) reality. But when you look closer, that that virtual (?) reality, then you notice, that such a fantastic complex thing is as good as a solid reality. Another bit frightening effect is the feeling, that all these strange dimensions are directly "here" - in and around as (parted from us by another dimension).

Level 4 or 5 trips can easily change your thoughts upon things as soul,death, consciousness,reality or god. Some of the things in the salvia-dimension are more wierd then aliens visiting earth.

When smoking my trips have a relativ constant lenght. A level 3 trip is for around 5 minutes strong, from minute 5 to 10 the intensity decrease. And after minuten 10 I am downed nearly total, only with a lightheaded feeling lasting some more minutes. In strong trips the heaviest phase (where you can only look and wonder) is around 7 minutes long, and I am downed after 15 Minutes. I really love the short duration, because you couldnt remember much more.

I have the opinion, that the setting and emotional set is unlike with tryptamin- hallucinogens on salvia not so important. I also tried salvia after a party with much alcohol and some good gras, but didnt got a bad trip. The salvia overpowerd the alcohol, while THC is a good thing to enhance salviatrips. N2O and salvia is not very interesting. Mixing it with mushrooms or other tryptamines can result into a very clear but confusing heavy trip.

I usually use the same dose, around one bonghead full of crushed salvialeafes. This is around 1 cm^3 material, or around 0.3 g. I usually smoke this portion with one big hit, but very slowly, so that the water (or better ice) can cool the smoke a bit down, because else the smoke it hot burning. I smoke that one hit in 20-30 seconds. Most often nearly everything burned down to ash. When the first hit was to small, then i smoke the rest as fast as possible. I put my bong/waterpipe to the side and held this big hit as long as possible. I would say another 10-30 seconds. Often i recognise, that the salvia pushes me up, as long as i held the smoke in my lungs. I have read, that you need at least 1 mg of salvinorin A, to reach experiences like in level 4 and 5. But I have also read, that there are around 1.5 g salvinorin per kg dried leafes, so I reached the Levels described above with around 0.5 mg salvianorin (or i had very potent leafes). So be careful, because also smoking leafes (NOT potentiated) can take you very far.

I had to talk down a good friend for a good hour, before he trusted me (but only until he know it better ;-) and he also smoked "only" around my typical amount. I first thought nothing happens (he smoked in 5 or 6 hits), but then he was far gone.

Oh and sometimes you may notice heavy (and i mean really heavy :-) sweating. Its a funny feeling and not bad. Its as when all your cells open up simutaneously. But its bad wet afterwards (but also dries fast) :-(.

Other god sites of salvia are, that you dont get nausea, and that bad trips usualy not happen. Out of around 65 trips to date i found only one (my real first one) terryfing, but it was over after around 5 minutes.

Salvia is very unique. Its a nice tool to explore things that are unbelieveable. To me salvia works more like a tool for reality switching than a drug. The salvia- experience doesnt have the typical druged feeling. Its more a key to the deepest secrets of the universe ;-)

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