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Salviareport #112

This is the english version of my salviareport from my 112th journey.

10.June 2000
This report was originaly written in german and translated by myself so more people can read it. Its my 112th trip on salvia divinorum (in 1.5 years). As you see I really love this wonderful plant. Mostly because she can give you a very interesting psychedelic experince without changing your mood to much as with high dosed mushrooms.

2 hours ago and directly before the salviatrip I smoked some weed. I filled my bonghead 3/4 with crushed salvialeafes and put 15 drops of a salviaextract on it. Thats my highest dose until now and I would estimate it equals all in all around 0.5g pure leafes. I sat down comfortably as ever and smoked the head with one hit empty, keeping the smoke in my lungs as long as possible. Then I closed my eyes. In the background there was playing some nice psychedelic trance. Music never disturbs me, but chats of persons (on a party) disturb the trip very much.

Within 3-5 seconds my body transformed. I was part of a spheric surface like looking into a large sphere. Then I totally lost my normal bodyfeeling. The higher the dose the faster and more complete I leave my body. Like on other strong trips my thinking process stopped very rapid. I was like a consciousness kicked out of its body and its reality.

In the beginning everything was waving. I saw something like a wall with red stones which was sinus-shaped. In that moment I felt the presence of a woman. She was 35-40 years old, had darkblond waved hair down to the shoulders. She was very friendly but also a bit confused and I had the feeling, that I know this woman. There was a kind of communication between us which seemed like telepathy. The presence of the woman seemed totally real, like she was standing beside me and we know each other.

This all last for about 10-15 seconds. In this initial state I still had a kind of own consciousness and own personality. Then I went to the next level. There were realitydiscs which are moving through me without stop. Every disc was about 30 cm/1 ft wide and there was an equal wide space between them. One such disc took about 1 second to pass me (my point of consciousness). I couldnt think longer. With every syllable of a word a new realitydisc/-wall moves through me. And in every disc I was another person or I was in the head of this person beside the original personality of this person. I had the feeling, that some are shocked about having me in their head. While I was in the head of such a person (and so also in a disc) the disc was expanded to a complete reality, which was my actual one.

During this phase my old self was gone nearly completly. My whole personality was away. There were only small parts of me left. It was a kind of sudden death. I was more these other persons than myself. But there was an instance of me that still existed. Pitty, but I cant remember anything special from these worlds, because they changed to rapidly. It was like zapping fast tv. All these realities seem totally real and I had the feeling, that the people there believe, that their reality is the only one. It was like flying through a medium which consists of realities. Like a big alien laboratory full of realities and people inside not noticing the other realities and people there. This whole experince was very lucid and I cant believe, that salvia can cause unconsciousness. Maybe your are only a totally other person and cant transport that back to your normal life and lose the memory of the experience.

Sometimes I recognized the music, which functioned great as an ancor, telling me, that my body was still in my normal world. Slowly I came back and I was a bit shocked for some minutes, because the realness made that experince so strange. I never had such a strong loss of my personality. Everything happend very fast leaving no time to react (you cant think analytically about the experince on the peak). It was not a journey with typical trippy elements but more a heavy and lucid realityswitch. If I would stay longer in such a reality I would accept it as my normal one. Its very strange to be other persons in other spacetimes for a while.

It was like a journey of my mind through a 4 dimensional space where all 3 dimensional worlds (I count here time not as a dimension) were separated by a kind of membran. All these other realities are directly here separated by another dimension. On this trip I was like a 4 dimensional being which can now view from this higher point on the different 3 dimensional realities.

Its nearly unbelievable, that such a state of being is created by a drug. Such a trip can affect your believes about the world, death, reality... very much. The heaviest thing is the fact, that all these other realities seem to be as real as our normal one. You can get the feeling, that we are silly animals trusting our reality completly without questioning it. After such a trip I ask myself how far I can trust this reality and what consciousness is. In spite of the fact that this trip was really heavy I kept sitting with eyes closes without moving.

This was one of my most interesting and bizarr trips. I was shaken to the soul for some minutes. I also dont know how far such a trip may change the worldview of younger people (well I am 23 :-). After such a journey I have more questions than at the beginning and the unbelieveable come nearer.

Thanks Salvia for the transmission.


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