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Salviareport #93

This is the english version of my salviareport from my 93th journey.

Its some minutes after midnight and I want to go to sleep. But I also want to do a Salviatravel. I placed an extract,done by my friend,in my bong. It equals around 0.3-0.35 g dried leafes. This extract was in a box with the text "Little Drug-hiding-place" (in german) on it. I have lost this box last evening at a beach because we got trouble with the police (because of making fire). Luckily I found this box next day between all the normal people at the beach :-) The sun burned for 5 hours at the box, but the extract was still fine.

I sat down comfortably in meditation position, switched on some music and smoked the bonghead in one large hit. Due to the extract this was not so hard and unpleasant as smoking the pure leafes. I put my bong to the side, closed my eyes and kept the smoke in my lungs as long as possible.

I cant really remember at the beginning of the trip now. My old reality simply switched away. My usual bodyfeeling was washed away. Known geometries broke. Normaly I leave my old reality and switch to one or more new realities. This time I had the feeling that the whole fabric of reality, space and time, the whole universe collapse. Everything was pushed out of its normal surroundings, so that parallel dimensions/realities penetrate and fold themself. Multiple dimensions and times fusioned and shared the same space. In a subspaceanomalie (star trek greets) it must be the same way. It was one big not controlable spectacle.

One time i had the feeling of large differently shaped and colored colums comming out of the nowhere under me and ending nowhere above my head. These colums were like large stalactites. These stalactites were different realities, but they were also myself. They feel like my new body. I have the feeling on salvia, that the consciousness expands beyond the body. When this is completely done, then you have no bodyfeeling anymore, but you have a new feeling for reality. You are reality. There is no more a difference between "out there" and "here inside". There exist only a fusion of both. Consciousness and reality is the same thing.

When I moved my head it was like looking into different worlds, but my eyes were closed the whole time. Because of the collapsing realities I had the feeling of a reality moving up at my right side and moving through me. It was like being trapped with half body in the ground. Physical law like "Where one body is, there cant be another one" lost their validity. Matter fusioned in this big tumult.

Sometimes I really think I was in other realities, and I couldnt say, wheter my eyes were closed or not. Because I saw these other dimension like in a dream. But the configuration was changing rapidly, thats why it was difficult to remember special things or look at something more detailed. One time I thought it is day and my parent were in the room. At the beginning of the trip (first 3 minutes) I also heard the typical voices in my head. I think I communicated with them, but cant remember special parts, because so much happen in such a short time.

The bodytwisting continued. One time I felt like two rotating discs with my consciousness mapped on them.

After 2-3 minutes the intensity droped a bit. Now I realised, that the music was still playing. The music was like a red thread into my old reality and I know, that as long as I hear the music I can find my way back to my reality. In some parts of this trips I thought, that I did it this time (typical for breakthrough trips) and will exist across different dimensions. I remembered my first heavy trip and find that there also the universe was collapsed. Its like a computer which renders realities, time and space, and now this computer have an error or crashes.

Slowly the intensity drop. The universe ordered itself more and more in the known way and I found back into my old reality. After 10 minutes I opened my eyes, but sat still for another 3 minutes, because the trip shocked me. I was happy to be back in my normal world.

That was one of my heaviest trips. Its pitty, but I also forget a lot, and its very difficult to bring the things I saw back into my normal world. Describing everything in words is also very difficult. I was consciouss the whole trip, but its another kind of consciousness. The duration of 5-10 Minutes is enough, because its hard to remember this short period.

This was a really heavy trip (this text is only a profane description about what I experienced). I was very interesting and gave me a lot stuff to think about. But I dont stopped takig salvia after that trip, four days later I tripped again.

Salvia is very real and the experiences dont seem to be druginduced.

Thanks Salvia for the transmission.


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