About this page

I started this page in the year 1997. Psytrance music and the internet were just evolving. Because there weren't so much information about my favorite music I thought it would be a good idea to spread the information and data I have. So I released tracklists, collected covers, scanned my partyphotos, showed some of my selfmade psychedelic images, linked to free tracker-modules and to some trippy programs.

Time passed by and this site changed. A lot of tracker modules were no longer available and the programs outdated so I removed both sections. My selfmade images became more and more so I separated this section and started an own site for it - "Realm Of Thoughts".
I made more and more partyphotos (now with digicam) so this section became quite big.
Unfortunately I had not enough time to keep the database up to date after ending student life. It were simply too much releases each week. But there are other actual databases and also the shop and label sites are today a good source of information (much better than 1997 ;). The Project-Linker is also quite outdated but hopefully still usefull.

Because today general information were much more spread in the internet I focused more on supporting my local scene. Thats why I startet the "Sachsentrance" website, where I inform about parties, crews and DJs in and around state saxony in germany.

In the year 2000 I also started my mainly german website Realityshift were I inform about the hallucinogenic plant Salvia divinorum. This site consumes also a lot my free time but is quite reputable.

I will become 30 this year (2006) and family planning is in progress ;). So it's unclear how my sites will develop. But I think there is already enough stuff to explore. So have fun with "Goacidia" and my other pages on psykick.de (hosted on www.goatrance.de)

The roots of Goatrance / Psychedelic Trance

Here are some pictures from Goa and the parties there. They were taken from german cannabis-magazin Grow! (except the map).
And now two additional pictures found somewhere in the net.