All these photos were taken by myself or my girlfriend and sometimes friends at different psytrance parties in germany except Solipse.
Big open airs were printed bold (ie. Voov Experience 1998-2006, Antaris 2000-2007, FullMoon Festival 2002-2006 ...)
Local partyfotos (normal font) were from the parties in saxony (south-east germany; Leipzig, Dresden, Chemnitz)

There are 8181 images.
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19 April Lumagra DamenHandschuheFabrik / Leipzig [28 images]
21 March Zwischenwelten Distillery / Leipzig [28 images]
18 January Connected E35 / Leipzig [41 images]


23 November Gaia B-Day E35 / Leipzig [34 images]
13 July GSO - Global Space Odyssey party parade for alternative subculture in Leipzig [28 images]
4-9 July Freqs of Nature Jüterborg / Berlin [97 images]
27.April Tranceportal E35 / Leipzig [20 images]
29.March Zwischenwelten Distillery / Leipzig [25 images]


21.December Zwischenwelten Distillery / Leipzig [59 images]
2.November Patterns of Sound Distillery / Leipzig [33 images]
4.August Waterbeats Lake near Naunhof / Leipzig [26 images]
13-16.Juli Antaris Project 18 festival near Stölln [113 images]
10.March Zwischenwelten at E35 in Leipzig [17 images]
19.February Licht und Dunkel Leipzig meets Dresden at E35 in Leipzig [57 images]


23.September Aequinoctium party at club 2UG in Leipzig [17 images]
24.July GSO - Global Space Odyssey party parade for alternative subculture in Leipzig [43 images]
22-25 July Vuuv Festival 20 the mother became 20years old - festival near Putlitz [95 images]
15-18 July Antaris Project 17 peaceful festival near Stölln [101 images]
29.April G16 Festival psytrance floor at G16 Festival in Leipzig [37 images]
25.March GoaTron indoor party at Orgasmatron in Leipzig [43 images]
15.January Mindwarp fat indoor party at E35 in Leipzig [108 images]


6.November Gaia BDay indoor birthday party at Orgasmatron in Leipzig [13 images]
30.October Psylloween indoor party at SektorEvolution in Dresden [4 images]
13-16.August Spiritual Healing 6 raise the spirit again near Meyenburg [50 images]
30.July-2.August Vuuv Experience "the mother" near Putlitz [99 images]
31.July GSO - Global Space Odyssey party parade for alternative subculture in Leipzig [43 images]
7.May Artificial Habitat small private party in Leipzig [11 images]
23.April G16 Festival annual G16 Festival at G16 in Leipzig [12 images]
2.April The Prototyp great party at MB in Leipzig [35 images]
12.March Raging Extensions at E25 in Leipzig [12 images]
20.February Somsalabim 2 Party near Dresden [20 images]
29.January Psy-Kost at E35 in Leipzig [28 images]


31.October Psylloween at SektoRevolution in Dresden [24 images]
31.October Dark Or Alive Dark Psy at Orgasmatron Leipzig [10 images]
24-27.July Spiritual Healing 5 love and fun at northern Germany [118 images]
11-13.July Antaris Project 15 15th anniversary of this lovely festival near Stölln [96 images]
20.June Sommernachtstraum at Halle 5 in Leipzig [42 images]
28.March Anfissa Spaceship at Feinkost Leipzig [22 images]


6.Dezember Nu:Trance 6 years at Conrad Leipzig [41 images]
8.November Gaggalacka at Chemiefabrik Dresden [9 images]
30.May Tranceport Compensationparty for canceled Tranceport near Leipzig [62 images]
01.March Nu:Trance - Spiritual Feeling Party with Lightrocker and Miko at Alte Damenhandschuhfabrik / Leipzig [22 images]


17.November Disturbo della Vista 10 years Sehstörung at G16 / Leipzig [33 images]
20.October Space Gala Party by Sehstörung at Westwerk / Leipzig [17 images]
13.October Nu:Trance presents Tegma Party by Nu:Trance at Alte Damenhandschuhfabrik / Leipzig [34 images]
09.September SpaceConAction Party by Sehstörung at Werk II / Leipzig [6 images]
20-23.July Antaris Project 13 near Stölln [102 images]
June/July Fusion Festival well known Party-Cosmos [114 images]
14.April Cosmic Virus Party by cosmicwalkers at Victor Jara / Leipzig [34 images]
05.April Nu:Trance with D-NOX & Mikadho Party by FEENSTAUB at Victor Jara / Leipzig [31 images]
17.March Halleunken Party by Sehstörung at Halle 5 / Leipzig [32 images]
24.February Nu:Trance with SBK Party by FEENSTAUB at Damenhandschuhfabrik / Leipzig [24 images]
06.January Psybration Party by Psytrancecamp at G16 / Leipzig [44 images]


09.December Cosmic Generation Party by cosmicwalkers at Victor Jara / Leipzig [51 images]
11.November Rumbel Bumbel Narrenball Party by Sehstörung at G16 / Leipzig [29 images]
14.October Beauty Is Hard Party by Paganoize in Spinnerei / Leipzig [62 images]
02.October Mintaka Dance Tribe - Swiss Night Party by Goapferdchen in Distillery / Leipzig [71 images]
01-03.September Indian Spirit 9 near Heiligengrabe [90 images]
11-14.August Voov Experience 15 near Putlitz [206 images]
14-17.July Antaris Project 12 near Stölln [163 images]
07-12.July Fullmoon Festival 5 near Wittstock/Dosse [174 images]
29.July GSO Afterparty Psyparty after Global Space Odyssey in Leipzig [42 images]
20.May 5 years Psytrancecamp Birthdayparty of Psytrancecamp-Crew in Leipzig [49 images]
23.April Paganoize at BMX Semi-Private Party in BMX-Halle in Spinnerei Leipzig [21 images]
14.April Nu:Trance Party by Feenstaub at SuperKronik Leipzig [23 images]
02.April Icedorf Escherparty Party with Escherdeco near Leipzig [26 images]
11.March Paganoize ***** Party by Paganoize in Leipzig [25 images]
04.March Mindsweeper Party by Psytrancecamp at Berliner/Leipzig [74 images]
17.February Rumbel Bumbel Gala Party by Sehstörung at SuperKronik Leipzig [37 images]
13.January Strg-Alt-Entf Paganoize Party at Antikhaus Leipzig [6 images]


17.December Thierbacher small private party in Leipzig [54 images]
10.December Tanzstern Galaktika meets. Mintaka Dance Tribe Antikhaus in Leipzig [56 images]
26.November Immortal Äther at Äther Club/Chemnitz [44 images]
28-06.November Twilight (UV-Exhibition) Moritzbastei in Leipzig [60 images]
30.October Gugma Moritzbastei in Leipzig [25 images]
22.October Warning Paganoize Antikhaus in Leipzig [44 images]
08.October Aurakustik at Äther Club/Chemnitz [55 images]
01.October Trance againg Nazi Gangs Gieszerstrasse in Leipzig [42 images]
02-05.September Indian Spirit near Heiligengrabe [184 images]
19-22.August Antaris Project 11 near Stölln/Rhinow [153 images]
22-25.July Voov Experience 14 near Putlitz/Karstädt [185 images]
15-21.July Fullmoon Festival 4 near Karstädt [176 images]
24-26.June Tranceport Open Air Steinbruch Beidersee bei Halle/Leipzig [176 images]
28.May Paganoize Benefiz Antikhaus in Leipzig [15 images]
28.May Maikäfer Staubsauger in Leipzig [24 images]
09.April Mintaka Dance Tribe 4 Distillery in Leipzig [64 images]
02.April Digital Drops Voxxx in Chemnitz [89 images]
26.March Paganoize Agraschlösschen in Leipzig [80 images]
12.February Mintaka Dance Tribe 3 Distillery in Leipzig [52 images]
22.January Feenstaub Yard-Club in Leipzig [40 images]
08.January Psychedelic Night Gieszer 16 in Leipzig [49 images]


11.December Mintaka Dance Tribe 2 Distillery in Leipzig [34 images]
01-05.December Twilight UV-Exhibition/Gugnomma-Party Agraschloss bei Leipzig [100 images]
08.October Mintaka Dance Tribe 1 Distillery in Leipzig [34 images]
03-06.September Indian Spirit 6 near Boizenburg [65 images]
13-15.August Elfentanz Festival Peseckendorf near Magdeburg [57 images]
30-02.August Voov Experience 13 near Putlitz [101 images]
16-19.July Antaris Project 10 near Tarmow [116 images]
28.June-03.July Fullmoon Festival 3 near Karstädt [147 images]
17.March 6 Years Chillhouse at Äther Club/Chemnitz [32 images]
31.January Euclidacia MolenDyk in Leipzig [27 images]


22.November Psytrance Spectaculum by Jama Spirits at Distillery/Leipzig [27 images]
15.November Zureal by Wellenkreise at Giesserstr/Leipzig [24 images]
18.October Psy-Fidelity Leipzig [7 images]
03.October In-Fusion Bimbotown in Leipzig [23 images]
20.September Ecce Terra Icedorf [8 images]
29-31.August Cowaloa Nausnitz [23 images]
8-11.August Voov 12 Putlitz [116 images]
01-03.August Shiva Moon Kuhsdorf [101 images]
18-21.July Antaris Project 9 Tarmow [98 images]
13-17.July Fullmoon Festival 2 Herzsprung [134 images]
05.July Polymorph Giesserstrasse in Leipzig [16 images]
23.May Icedorf Icedorf [15 images]
30.April Trip To Walpurgis by Zimmer mit Aussicht, Jama Spirits and Sehstörung at Unkenpalast/Leipzig [26 images]
25.April Gugma by Sehstörung at Moritzbastei/Leipzig [26 images]
12.April Red Planetary Moon by Cosmic Walkers at Unkenpalast/Leipzig [39 images]
22.March Icedorf Private party [10 images]
15.March Nexus by Jama Spirits and Wellenkreise at Distillery/Leipzig [33 images]
07.March Aether Brainkick by Mycos 23/Insulin at Aether Club/Chemnitz [9 images]
15.February Psytrance Kicks LE at Giesserstr/Leipzig [40 images]
01.February Aurakustik 3 at Äther Club/Chemnitz [31 images]
31.January Nacht im Traumbazar at Triebwerk/Dresden [8 images]


29.December Private Birthdayparty at Icedorf [12 images]
21.December Sehstörung-Blacklightperformance at UT Connewitz/Leipzig [8 images]
30.November SüdOst-Psychedelica at Triebwerk/Dresden [53 images]
05.October Sinnflut Wellenkreiseparty at Giesserstr/Leipzig [18 images]
04.October Party in der Scheune Icedorf [15 images]
20.September Sehstörungsparty MB/Leipzig [12 images]
16-18. August Pow Wow Fort Gorgast near Frankfurt/Oder [37 images]
26-29.July Voov 11 Putlitz [95 images]
23-25.July Fullmoon Festival 1 Herzsprung between Antaris and Voov [71 images]
19-22.July Antaris Project 8 Tarmow near Berlin [83 images]
12-14.July SUN Gathering near Weimar [29 images]
29.June Trancezendeli Freakuencies near Leipzig [14 images]
17-23.June Klosterrode Festival 2002 Airport near Klosterrode [60 images]
06.April PsyOm 2 in Halle (Saale) [25 images]
23.March Wellenkreise in Leipzig [38 images]
15.March Icedorfspirit Icedorf [15 images]
03.March Little Sensations Velvet in Leipzig [15 images]
16.February Cosmic Therapy in Leipzig [31 images]


28.December Icedorf Icedorf [15 images]
26-28.August Return Of The Spirit north of Berlin [52 images]
17-19.August Cowaloa in Nausnitz [18 images]
03-05.August Voov 10 Putlitz [78 images]
27-29.July Antaris Project 7 Tarmow near Berlin [72 images]
x.June Hokus Pokus Beidersee near Halle/Saale [9 images]
2x.February Cosmic Walkers Psychedelic Velvet in Leipzig [18 images]
20.Januar Cosmic Walkers Psychedelic Velvet in Leipzig [11 images]


01-03.September Cowaloa in Nausnitz [22 images]
19.August Afterparty to Hanfparade in Subground-Club Berlin [9 images]
21-24.July Voov Experience 2000 Bohmstedt near Husum [53 images]
14-16.July Antaris Project 6 Tarmow near Berlin [55 images]
24.June Oxygen Orgasm in Klosterrode [46 images]
17.June Cosmic Walkers Outdoorparty near Leipzig [21 images]
26-28.May Friends Event Burg Scharfenstein Suedharz [6 images]
12.May Elektrosmoke/Mittelstandskinder ohne Strom live in Dresden [7 images]
25.March Cosmic Revolution in Leipzig [15 images]
19.February Cosmic eVolution in Leipzig [14 images]


04.December Cosmic Rebirth in Leipzig [13 images]
13.November Mandala in Merseburg [15 images]
15-17.October Goanation in Berlin [42 images]
10-12.September Tat Twam Asi in Hartroda [15 images]
03-05.September Cowaloa in Nausnitz [26 images]
20-22.August Omodin in Luckau [18 images]
08-15.August Solipse in Ozora/Hungary [51 images]
08-15.August Solipse Photos taken by my friend [20 images]
23-25.July Voov Experience 8 near Parchim near Schwerin [68 images]
19-22.June Oxygen Orgasm in Klosterrode [40 images]
02-04.June Cosmic Walkers in Bloesien [19 images]
29.May Aphrodite Dreal in Hartroda [10 images]
23.January Cosmic Bang in Leipzig [11 images]


All Parties from 98 [40 images]
August Omodin at Luckau near Cottbus [5 images]
24-26.July Voov 7 at Besdorf near Itzehoe near Hamburg [20 images]
15-21.June Oxygen Orgasm 2 in Klosterrode [9 images]
12-14.April Inner Circle in Berlin [5 images]
31.December 1997-3.Januar 1998 Cosmic Circus in Berlin [1 image]