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Salvia divinorum Gallery 4


Welcome to part 3 of this collection of Salvia divinorum photos. Here you can find images not matching in the other two parts of this gallery.

You can click each thumbnail to see a full size version of the image.

When you have any suggestions or other nice pictures you can mail them to
Please dont reuse any of the images without my permission. Thanx.

But now have fun viewing the pictures.

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By Salvia divinorum use inspired images of well talented artist SalviaDroid.
For sure his work is one of the best visualisation of the psychedelic worlds you can experience with Saliva divinorum.
Images hosted at deviantart.
geometric_garden_by_salviadroid Geometric Garden
primordial_essence_by_salviadroid Primordial Essence
fruit_rollup_by_salviadroid Fruit Rollup
psychonautic_princess_by_salviadroid Psychonautic Princess
salvia_divinorum__dysphoria_by_salviadroid Salvia divinorum Dysphoria
salvia_divinorum__ethereal_awakening_by_salviadroid Salvia divinorum - Ethereal Awakening
salvia_divinorum__existentia_by_salviadroid Salvia divinorum - Existentia
salvia_divinorum__goddess_of_the_seers_by_salviadroid Salvia divinorum - Goddess of the Seers
salvia_divinorum__guardian_ancestors_by_salviadroid Salvia divinorum - Guardian Ancestors
salvia_divinorum__sage_of_the_seers_by_sync_o2 Salvia divinorum - Sage of the Seers
salvia_divinorum__spinach_rolled_by_salviadroid Spinach Rolled
salvia_divinorum__timewave_zero2_by_salviadroid Timewave Zero 2
salvia_divinorum__unfolding_richochet_by_salviadroid Unfolding Richochet
salviator_by_salviadroid SalviAtor
slavia_by_salviadroid Slavia
spinach_rolled_2_by_salviadroid Spinach Rolled 2
lost_sage_by_sync_o2 Lost Sage
alpha_sage_by_salviadroid Alpha Sage

Images inspired by journeys with Salvia divinorum.
Salvia divinorum - Mirrorworld Mirrorworld
A rearragement of one of my oldest raytracing images. This time with a Salvia flower, which looks a bit like a dancing shaman. The flower is reflected by two parallel mirrors till infinity.
This felling - sitting between two mirrors and seeing duplicates of the world beside you like in a tunnel - is a common experience for myself and others. Often I "fly" through there quite similar looking worlds.
Salvia divinorum - Spiegelkabinett Spiegelkabinett
Another image by myself, showing the mirror-tunnel effect.
Art by Norbert Salvia divinorum by Norbert
An image by Norbert, inspired by a journey with Salvia divinorum.
Art by K.Bauer Salvia divinorum by K.Bauer
An image by K.Bauer. She was inspired by Salvia.
Forest Goat Entity Forest Goat Entity by alexdubbeat
Salvia Dalinorum by visionary artist Luke Brown
Check his amazing website

Images that demonstrate the optical component of Salvia journeys. Strange bended spaces, twisted geometrics that seem to be impossible but can be experienced. Furthermore a re-interpretation of the seen merging with dreamlike images.
As far as I know these pieces of art are not created on the basis of experiences with Salvia divinorum. Nevertheless they demonstrate the weird worlds of Salvia really well.
Escher Escher
An Escher image called "print gallery". It shows really well the twisted worlds of strange geometrics.

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