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Welcome to part 3 of this collection of Salvia divinorum photos. Here you can find images not matching in the other two parts of this gallery.

You can click each thumbnail to see a full size version of the image.

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Please dont reuse any of the images without my permission. Thanx.

But now have fun viewing the pictures.

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Dried Leaves
Here some photos of dried Salvia leaves. They can look and feel quite different depending on the time and method of harvest.
Salvia divinorum - Colorful Collection Colorful Collection
Diverse dried Salvia divinorum leaves. I never harvest leaves from my plants but simply collect those leaves that died and dried at the plant or that were dropped by my plants themself. Thats why they dont look so constant like commercial leaves. But the potency of them can nevertheless mess with the commercial stuff in most cases - the leaves only shouldn't be rotten too much.
I tried to show here a broad spectrum of leaves different in size, form and color so you can see the diversity of salvia leaves.
A lighter is added so you can compare the sizes.
Salvia divinorum - Comparison of size Comparison of size
Here a long leave in comparison with a video tape (for those who dont only know DVDs :).
Leave sizes up to 30 cm/12 inch are quite possible when the growing conditions are right.

Scans of cross-sections of Salvia divinorum stems. They demonstrate the typical construction of Salvia divinorum stems.
Salvia divinorum - cross-section 1 Salvia divinorum - cross-section 1
Here the cross-section of two stems. The left one represents the typical Salvia stem. It is squared and the edges are more or less sharp. The right one is an extreme case. Its edges are extremly sharp.
Both pieces are taken from medium siezed stems. Thats why they are not hollow like big ones.
Salvia divinorum - cross-section 2 - Trinity Salvia divinorum - cross-section 2 - Trinity
Here two cross-sections of a "Trinity" plant. THis mutation creates plants with 3 leaves at each node and 6-sided stems.
This was a quite fat stem and is hollow inside.

Diverse Photos
Various images that match with no other category.
Salvia divinorum - Waving Stem 1 Waving Stem 1
Here a stem with the for Salvia divinorum typical waving border.
The interesting fact is that the stem continues to grow quite straight from near the half of the image. So the waving seems to correlate with the growing conditions.
Maybe blue light from neon bulbs sometimes leads to a much shorter plant, while red light usually leads to long straight stems.
Salvia divinorum - Waving Stem 2 Waving Stem 2
Another waving border of a stem. I dont know if this appears at any other salvia species.
Salvia divinorum - Gewellter Stamm 3 Waving Stem 3
Another twisted stem with a fresh sprout.
Salvia divinorum - Salvinorin A Salvinorin A
Quite pure Salvinorin A. Completly cleaned Salvinorin A are white crystals.
Salvia divinorum - start to flower? Start to flower?
Two quite strange looking "branches". Maybe this plant wanted to start to flower because of stress? They stopped to grow so I will never know.
Salvia divinorum - Josy 1 Josy 1
Salvia divinorum plants in an aquarium to keep humidity higher. Photo by Josy.
Salvia divinorum - Josy 2 Josy 2
Two new branches will usually grow after cutting the main branch. Photo by Josy.
Salvia divinorum - Josy 3 Josy 3
Healthy indoor plant. Photo by Josy.
Salvia divinorum - Josy 4 Josy 4
Stem cutting-recycling. Some parts started to root in the humid air. Photo by Josy.
Salvia divinorum - Winter in the bathroom Winter in the bathroom
Somewhen every summer is over and so I had to bring my plants from balcony indoor into the bathroom. Because of the decreased amount of light the plants were not looking that good after a while. But with a special energy saver plant lamp they survived winter quite ok.

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