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"Trinity" - the triple leafed Salvia divinorum

Salvia divinorum has like a lot of other plant usually 2 leaves growing as a pair at the stem where a node is.
In some not so often but also not totally rare cases you may find a sprout of Salvia divinorum that has 3 leaves at each node. Evedrything else is fine with that kind of plants and they show often normal health.
An interesting facts is that the side sprouts of a triple leafed Salvia are normal double leafed. So the abnormality affect only the main stem.
It may be possible that the mutation is triggered by pesticides.
I had some triple leafed plants at my home but I am not sure, whether this is a spontaneous mutation or an influence of another factor.
The potency of the leaves of a Trinity is from my experience comparable to normal leaves. So she is not stronger nor weaker.
Note: "Trinity" is just a fantasy name but not a scientific name.

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Salvia divinorum - Trinity Big - Image 1 Trinity Big - Image 1
I found this tiny plant between a lot of normal plants. It seems that she grew from an old stem laying below the surface, where the upper parts died in the past.
Salvia divinorum - Trinity Big - Image 2 Trinity Big - Image 2
The same plant a bit bigger looking out of the window.
Salvia divinorum - Trinity Big - Image 3 Trinity Big - Image 3
She wasn't a big plant because I think she got not enough fertilizer in the original pot (see red stem). Also her stem was weak so she tilted downwards. The triple leafed head is on the leaf side and the stem came from the pot on the right side where the red LED can be seen.
Salvia divinorum - Trinity Big - Image 4 Trinity Big - Image 4
When she already tilts downwards why not try the natural propagating method ?
So I plugged the stem of the triple leafed plant with the U-shaped bottom part into the soil of a new pot that was standing beside the mother pot. So she could still use her old roots in the mother pot and can start to grow new roots in the new pot. That works really well! After she got roots in her new pot I cutted the old thin stem coming from the mother pot and had no problems after doing that, because her new root system was already well established.
She also loved the pure compost earth in her new pot - you can see well how much fatter the new stem on the right side is, compared to the thin older stem on the left side.
Salvia divinorum - Trinity Big - Image 5 Trinity Big - Image 5
Here you can see that this "Trinity" did very well in her new pot.
So triple leafed plants are not weaker than normal plants.
Salvia divinorum - Trinity Big - Image 6 Trinity Big - Image 6
Here a view from the top the main stem downwards.
Here you can see well that the new sprouts are normal double leafed.
Furthermore you can see that the fat triple leafed main stem is sixsided.
Salvia divinorum - Trinity Big - Image 7 Trinity Big - Image 7
Here you also can see the 3 leaves growing at each node.
This plant died unfortunately during the winter because of stem rot.

Salvia divinorum - Trinity Freaky - Image 1 Trinity Freaky - Image 1
Here another triple leafed Salvia divinorum between some normal plants.
Salvia divinorum - Trinity Freaky - Image 2 Trinity Freaky - Image 2
The same plant at a later time.
Salvia divinorum - Trinity Freaky - Image 3 Trinity Freaky - Image 3
I cutted her head at a time where she didn't grew very well in her old pot. Only the head will continue to grow with three leaves at each node.
Salvia divinorum - Trinity Freaky - Image 4 Trinity Freaky - Image 4
Here the plant in her pot. She already grew a bit. At the lowest node you can see well the 3 leaves.
Unfortunately this one continues to grow really freaky, like she has a real gen defect.
Salvia divinorum - Trinity Freaky - Image 5 Trinity Freaky - Image 5
The same freaky plant later.
Salvia divinorum - Trinity Freaky - Image 6 Trinity Freaky - Image 6
The same plant from above.
The left sprout grews quite nice with 3 leaves. But the right one couldn't stabilize and continues to grow freaky.
Salvia divinorum - Trinity Stem 1 Trinity Stem 1
This branch first grew 6-sided with 3 leaves per node, but later (upper Part) again 4-sided with the usual 2 leaves per node.
Salvia divinorum - Trinity Stem 2 Trinity Stem 2
Same branch under different light.
Salvia divinorum - cross-section - Trinity Trinity - cross-section
Here two cross-sections of a Trinity plant. THis mutation creates plants with 3 leaves at each node and 6-sided stems.
This was a quite fat stem and is hollow inside.

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